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Botapsa Temple

Botapsa Temple
Botapsa, The Grand Tower of Unification
641, Gimyusin-gil, Jincheon-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 27825, Republic of Korea
  • Type : Temple
  • Period : 1996
  • Managed by : Jincheon-gun

Sanggye-ri and Yeongok-ri of Jincheon-eup used to be the borderland between the Shilla and Goguryeo kingdoms during the Three Kingdoms period. The birthplace of General Kim Yushin is located in Gyeyang village of Sanggye-ri. Taeryeong mountain fortress and Manrae mountain fortress are located in Manrae Mountain. Found nearby was an ancient tombstone monument (Baekbi, Treasure No. 404), which is believed to have been built during the early period of Goryeo Dynasty (918 – 1392) in the Yeongok-ri area. Baekbi was restored and has been preserved in the pavilion of Botapsa. There is also a three-story stone pagoda there.

A special architectural inspection team visited the site in 1991 and the construction of Botapsa began in May 1992, under the supervision of Shin Yonghoon, a specialist in cultural properties. Many precious ancient relics, including Buddhist scriptures, can be viewed there.

Botapsa was named with the hope and prayer of that all people will be full of the mercy of Buddha.

  • Information for visitors
    • Tourist attractions around it : Sanggye-ri Swimming Pool, Manroisan Mt., Baekgok Reservoir, Gilsangsa, Youth Training Center, Gilsangsa, Shrine of Jeong Song-gang in Jincheon, Yeongok Valley, Hwoianbanseok
    • Accommodations : Jincheon Tourism Hotel, Jin Park Inn, Bonghwajang Inn
    • Restaurants : Yeongok Garden, Scenery Sound/ Information on parking lots
    • The parking lot is available at a distance of three minutes on foot.
  • Location
    • It is located in Yeongok-ri. You can get there using an intra-city bus from Saseok, Jincheon-gun which is at a distance of about 38 minutes from Cheongju by a direct bus.
    • Location
      • 1 It is located in Yeongok-ri. You can get there on foot after going to Saseok, Jincheon-gun from Cheongju by a direct bus for about 40 minutes and using an intra-city bus.
      • 2 It is at a distance of a half-hour drive to Jincheon toward Cheonan.