Industry & Economy

Jincheon / Eumseong Innovation City

The central axis of balanced land development, Jincheon Eumseong Innovation City

We will be born again as Jincheon & Eumseong Innovation City, the central axis of balanced land development in the future.

What is the Innovation City?

It means a specialized future city with optimal innovation conditions and settlement environment that promote new growth of the areas as the public institutions moved to local areas and local businesses, universities, research institutes, and local governments cooperate closely with each other.

Innovation City Jincheon Eumseong
  • It is the central base of the venture range that connects Teheranno
  • Bundang
  • Yongin
  • Eumseong Jincheon
  • Cheongju
  • Daedeok to each other. Furthermore, it is the interior gateway of the new development axis between the east region and the west region that connects the west coast
  • Gongju
  • Multifunctional Administrative City
  • Cheongju
  • Jincheon / Eumseong
  • Gangwon
  • the East Sea.
  • The whole area of Duchon-ri, Seokjang-ri, and Okdong-ri in Deoksan-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk.
  • The whole area of Duseong-ri, Bonseong-ri, Sindon-ri in Maengdong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungbuk
  • Gross area : 6.924㎢
  • Jincheon-gun : 3.364㎢
  • Eumseong-gun : 3.560㎢
Distance from major locations
  • Daejeon : 60Km
  • Happy City : 50Km
  • Cheongju International Airport : 25Km
Excellent accessibility to the roads, railways, and airports and multi-functional administrative cities
  • Is very accessible to any place in the country as Jungbu Expressway (Jincehon IC) is directly connected to Dongseo Expressway (Bukjincheon IC).
  • 25km away from Gyeongbu Expressway (Mokcheon IC), Gyeongbu, 50Km away from Gyeongbu High Speed Railway (Asan Cheonan Station), 36Km away from Honam High Speed Railway (Osongbungi Station)
  • 13Km away from the Chungbuk Line Subway (Takes 20 minutes)
  • 25Km away from Cheongju International Airport (Takes 20 minutes)
  • 50km away from Sejong (Multifunctional administrative city)(Takes 40 minutes)