About Jincheon


"Where everyone is happy, we are the best city, Jincheon."

Mayor of Jincheon County Song Ki-sup

Hello, my name is Song Gi-Seop,
the governor of Jincheon-gun county. Do you know that?

The population of our Jincheon-gun has been growing every month since August 2014. Even at this moment, someone, some family join us or settle in our country. You must be curious how we Jincheon cope with this difficult time, called the era of ‘local extinction’ and ‘demographic cliff’. The answer lies in the dedication of the government of Jincheon. Jincheon-gun is small city of only 407km2 but the public servants of Jincheon have stood together in unity and successfully invited many top-ranking companies of the country, including CJ CheilJedang Corporation, Hanwha Qcells, SKC, and LOTTE Global Logistics, to run their business in Jincheon, which has led to the creation of numerous quality jobs consequent and attracts people to Jincheon, continuously. In addition, we have succeeded in attracting the new metro-rail of the metropolitan inland line which connects the metropolitan area and important regional towns. These make us confident that we, Jincheon-gun, will make far more progress in the next 100 years as a new gateway to the capital area. We invite you to come to Jincheon and realize your hopes and dreams to the fullest, here in the center of future Korea.

Thank you.