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1345 Informaiton Center for Foreingners

What does this system do?

It is a civil service information desk established in accordance with the Framework Act on Treatment of Foreigners Residing in the Republic of Korea. It provides consultation service for various civil affairs and administrative information necessary for foreigners in Korea to adapt to the Korea life style.
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Consultation service provided via telephone in 20 languages (Korea, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, etc.)
What kinds of help does it provide?
  • It provides consultation related to immigration matters for foreigners residing in Korea and guidance to promote their living convenience. It also provides a 3rd party translation service to foreigners to help them handle matters with central governmental agencies and local governmental agencies, as well as not-for-profit private organizations, better and more easily. The 3rd party translation service is also applied to the village lawyer system for the foreigners in Korea.
  • How can I use it?
    • Service hours: 09:00~22:00 on weekdays
    • After 18:00, ARS information provided in Korea, English and Chinese
    • Dial 1345 (no area code) anywhere in Korea regardless of the phone type.
    • If you call from outside Korea, dial +82-1345
Information through ARS service
  • #1 : Location of immigration offices, and foreign government offices, jurisdiction by office and service hours
  • #2: Visa application status
  • #3 : Fax report of foreigner’s retirement and place of visiting employment
  • #0 : Connect to consultant
  • Consultation in a language other than Korean (no area code): Dial 1345 and press the number of language given by the ARS guidance, and press # to start the consultation in the selected language.