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Jincheon Traditional Market

Saenggeo Jincheon Traditional Market

Saenggeo Jincheon Traditional Market
Name Lucky Saenggeo Jincheon Traditional Market Address 390 Wondeok-ro Jincheon-eup and surrounding area
Size Site area 25,062㎡, building area 9,896㎡ Establishment date 1976. 3.9
Store (Jangok) 72 stores Market Opening The 5th,10th,15th, 20th, 25th and 30th day of each month
Main merchandise Rice, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, clothing, plant pots, earthenware, sundries, and snack and food items, etc.
  • Purpose
    It originated from the traditional 5th-day market, Jincheon-jang, opened along the roads of Jincheon eup since the Joseon Dynasty. In 1976, Jincheon traditional market was launched in a modern form and in 2015 it was relocated at the current market place to activate the market business and promote the transaction of farm produce and daily necessities in Jincheon.
  • Market overview
    Jincheon traditional market has inherited Jincheon eup market and has led the local commercial landscape in and around Jincheon since the liberation from Japan. In 1976, the country gathered a scattering of street stalls throughout the area together and opened a unified market place at around Baekgok stream. In 2015, the market was moved to the current location with modern facilities, which is the present Saenggeo Jincheon Traditional Market.
    The market boasts the convenience of modern buildings with 70 regular stores and 350 street stalls. It has great accessibility by public transport, such bus and taxi, and offers a large parking lot below and above the ground. It also provides many user-friendly systems, such as a moving walkway between the parking lot and stores, and credit card processing services in all stores.
Local transportation
  • Seoul Nambu (Southern) Terminal (Seocho-dong) → Express Buses bound for Jincheon (run at intervals of 15 minutes, it takes two hours)
  • DongSeoul (East Seoul) Terminal → Express Buses bound for Jincheon (run at intervals of an hour, it takes an hour and 30 minutes)
  • Get off at Jincheon Express Bus Terminal and walk for five minutes toward the Baekgokcheon (stream)
Information on the roads
  • Jungbu Expressway IC → Please use the Route No. 21 to Jincheon (2.5Km)
Tourist attractions around it
  • Birthplace of General Kim Yu-shin
  • Gilsangsa (Temple)
  • Bodapsa (Temple)
  • Nonggyo Bridge in Jincheon
  • Hyanggyo