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Jincheon Baeti Sanctuary

JIncheon Baeti Sanctuary
Baeti Holy Ground in Jincheon
708, Baeti-ro, Baekgok-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 27821, Republic of Korea
  • Designated : Local Monument No. 150 (March 4, 2011)
  • Owned by : Cheongju Catholic Church Maintenance Foundation
  • Period : 1850 to 1860
  • Managed by : Catholic Church

Located below Nogosan Mountain in Yangbaek-ri, Baekgok-myeon in Jincheon-gun, Baeti Holy Ground in Jincheon has been used as a place for paying tribute to the faith of a number of martyrs and is a place of prayer and meditation.

There are two stories why it has been called Baeti. One story explains that it was called Ichi - the pear hill - because there were lots of pears at the entrance of the village. So, it was called Beati in Korean. Another story has it that when Yi Injioa rebelled, he was defeated by villagers led by Yi Sungon, an elderly resident of the village as he was passing through Baekgok. He was defeated again by the royal forces led by Oh Myeonghwang as he was on his way to Anseong.

So it came to be called Paechi, which derives from the word (Paejeon; a lost war) initially, and the name evolved into Baechi afterwards. Religious faith began to become popular again from 1870 and missionaries established five churches in Beati, Sambak-gol, Yongjin-gol, Saeul and Gulti. A Catholic mission school was founded in Beati in 1890. However, during the Japanese colonial period, the Catholic believers left the place one by one gradually, leaving behind the pottery house where the Catholic believers made a living and the graves of unknown martyrs, which still remain. A Beati Shrine Development Supporters Association is being organized and plans are being developed to establish a Church History Institute and a Retreat house in Beati.

  • Information for visitors
    • Tourist attractions around it : Baekgok Reservoir, Jungang Golf Club, Nonggyo Bridge in Jincheon, Traditional Folk Museum, Jincheon Hyanggyo, etc.
    • Accommodations : Grand Park, Prince Inn, Sinhwajang, Hongwunjang
    • Restaurants : Sasongjeong, Cheonma Garden, Moa Folk Village, Baeti Madang, I want go there.
    • Parking : About 50 passenger cars can be parked.