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Birth place of General Kim Yushin and in Jincheon

Birth place of General Kim Yushin in Jincheon
Birthplace of General Kim Yushin and in Jincheon
170-4, Gimyusin-gil, Jincheon-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 27825, Republic of Korea (56, Sanggye-ri)
  • Designated : Historical site No. 414 (June 11, 1999)
  • Period : The period of the Three States(The Shilla Dynasty, The 17th year of the reign of King Jinpyeong)

Kim Yushin, King Hongmu the Great (595 to 673), was born in this place. He was the 13th son of King Kim Suro, the progenitor of Garak-guk.
General Kim Yushin was born in Gyeyang Village, Sanggye-ri, Jincheon-eup in the 17th year of the reign of King Jinpyeong (595) as a son of General Kim Seohyeon (金舒玄), the governor-general of Manno-gun (萬弩郡 太守, Manno : The old name of Jincheon).

He became Hwa-rang in 609 (the 31st year of the reign of King Jinpyeong) when he was 15 years old. He went on to become a monarch of Apryangju by making a contributions to the Nangbiseong Castle war. In addition, he made a significant contributions during the Battle of Nangbiseong and took charge as ruler of Apryang province. He served as the General-in-Chief (sangjanggun) during the reign of Queen Seondeok and as First Minister (Sangdaedeung) in 660, the 7th year of King Muyeol. He formed an alliance with the Tang dynasty, China to destroy the Baekje kingdom and attacked the Goguryeo kingdom as the supreme commander (Daechonggwan) of the allied forces of the Shilla dynasty and Tang dynasty in 668 to recover the territory of Goguryeo, the northern part of the Han River region, and finally accomplished the unification of the Three Kingdoms. He was bestowed with the title of Taedaegakgan and awarded the honorary title of King Heungmu posthumously.

At present, there is a memorial stone called Yuheobi that was erected in 1983 at the place called Janggun-teo (the old site of the official residence of the viceroy) in front of Gyeyang. Yeonbojung, the water well used by the official residence of the viceroy, still exists around 50m north-east of Yuheobi. Furthermore, Chimadae, a place for horse-riding and martial arts training, and the Taesil are located at the top of the mountain, which is 461.8meters above sea level. The mountain is surrounded by a 216 meter long and 1-1.3 meter high stonework similar to a mountain fortress wall. This Taesil of Kim Yushin is considered historically important because it is one of the oldest types of Taesil in Korea.

  • Information for visitors
    • Admission : None
    • Tourist attractions around it : Seokbi in Yeongok-ri, Botapsa, Gilsangsa, Shrine of JEong Song-gang in Jincheon
    • Accommodations : Jin Park Inn, Bonghwajang Inn
    • Restaurants : Yeongok Garden, Scenery Sound
  • Location
    • Passenger cars
      • Enter Jungbu Expressway Jincheon I.C. (It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.)
    • Public transportation
      • 1 Buses run from Dongseoul Bus Terminal and Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal to Jincheon Terminal from 06:00 a.m. to 07:50 p.m. (It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes)
      • 2 runThere are frequent buses from Cheongju Intercity Bus Terminal to Jincheon from 06:50 a.m. to 8:20 p.m. (It takes 40 minutes.)